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About US

Email Marketing Experts

If you operate a business online, then we can help

Email marketing is still the most effective and profitable way to market your business. And while we love getting into all the techy stuff like automations, segments and list building we recognise that might not be your cuppa coffee.

So instead of wasting hours googling how to do that one thing, once – hand it over to us and we’ll get all the essentials setup (or fixed) for you.

Whether you have an online business, e-commerce store or provie services we’ve worked with 100s of small business owners just like you and know exactly how to get it setup simply and profitably.

As a result you’ll feel confident (and excited) about sending those emails – knowing they are going to the right people at the right time.

What WE Do

We get your online business’
email marketing setup – seamlessly

So you can truly support your subscribers, customers & clients with value, service and emails they actually want to read.

No generic “newsletter” list and a footer form. Instead, we apply modern email marketing strategy including segmentation and automation to ensure it works for you and your subscribers.


We’ll setup or fix up your Klaviyo software to e-commerce best practice.

Forget running promotion after promotion. We’ll set it all up so it’s happening on auto-pilot – targeting the right customers at the right time.


activecampaign for coaches, consultants and freelancers

We’ll setup or fix up your ActiveCampaign software to ensure all streamlined sales & service to your leads & clients.

Whether you want simple list growth and nurture strategies or you want a full sales pipeline setup – we can help.



Email marketing is crucial to a successful launch, yet it’s often left to the last minute.

We’ll get all your emails setup and scheduled for your launch event and open cart period. All with powerful segmentation so you aren’t “annoying” anyone.


About Yael – Founder, Email Automation Co

Yael Keon is a small business owner, FIFO wife, mum to 2 primary schoolers and a myriad of pets. Plus netball coach to a group of 7 year olds. You could call her busy but she hates that word. Instead, let’s say she has a life full of variety and flexibility.

Over the past 7 years, Yael has established herself as Australia’s go-to email marketing expert for online business owners who are ready to increase their sales in much less time using the power of email marketing. All with a spirit of service and of providing value.

Previously this has been done under the banner of her personal brand Yael Keon and The Email Experience but now she is expanding her offerings to include done for you under Email Automation Co.

Before starting her business, Yael worked for 12 years in marketing roles at international corporations. She holds two degrees including a Bachelors of Commerce (Marketing & Advertising Double Major) and an MBA. Yael is a member of the Australian Marketing Institute.



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