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Forgot all about those launch emails and now realised you need to setup dozens of them? Not to mention the tags & segments?

Let’s get that all done for you.

(Note: Doesn’t need to be done last minute)

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Emails are essential to a successful launch

But oops you’ve left it to the last minute…

OR you’ve simply realised ahead of time that it’s just not something you want to tackle for fear you’ll break something.

Dozens of emails plus different groups for waitlists, webinar or challenge registrations and those who opt out have made it too daunting for you. And you want to know it is handled.

Enter Yael – email marketing expert + over 20 launches completed + dozens more supported.

She knows what works when it comes to your emails. 

And she’s ready to get your email launch up and running in a single sitting!

Provided for ActiveCampaign, MailerLite or ConvertKit.


Last Minute Launch – 5 hour 1:1 Intensive with Yael

Investment – $1500

Yael will get all your launch emails and automations setup in just a few hours!

During this session, we’ll map out your launch schedule and what emails need to go to who, when.

Then Yael will get to work setting up the lists, segments, tags and automations to make it happen. Meanwhile, you’ll be writing the copy (based on provided swipe files).

At the end of the session all your confirmation automations will be setup and your emails scheduled to go. Plus you’ll get a video walkthrough, launch email schedule summary and SOS, priority support during your launch window.

Then once this is done once you can take your exact emails & copy them again for next time. This is an investment in not only this launch but all future launches.

Launch email plan & schedule

Email copy swipe files

Setup of all needed lists, segments and tags

Such as for your waitlist, webinar, challenge, those who opt out of launch emails and, of course, sales.

Waitlist signup form and confirmation automation

Launch event (webinar, challenge) sign up form and confirmation automation

Integration with your cart and/or course/membership delivery platform

Course/membership onboarding automation*

Waitlist VIP access emails*

Launch event reminder emails*

Cart open emails*

Video walkthrough / custom training on editing campaigns

Priority SOS email support during your launch

Responses within 12 hours M-F

* Copy not included. Swipe files will be provided for your inspiration.

how it works

you book & send through details

Before our session we’ll need you to complete a brief form all about what you are launching, your launch event and your launch goals. You’ll also need to add Yael as a user on your email marketing software.

we meet & get it all done

We’ll hop on a Zoom call and get cracking!

First we’ll begin by mapping out your launch email plan/schedule and what should go in each.

Then Yael will get to work setting up all the necessary lists, segments, tags, forms and automations.

Meanwhile you’ll be writing the copy based on the provided swipe files.

Finally,  we’ll pull it all together turning on your automations and scheduling those emails.



After just one day you’ll have that sense of relief and confidence that your launch emails are scheduled & going. So now you can focus on delivery and sales.

We’ll provide a full video walkthrough and instructions editing any of the automations and your campaigns in case you have any last minute changes you want to make.

Plus you’ll have priority SOS email support during your launch window. In other words, if something isn’t working you have Yael on call to help fix it.

AND you’ll have all these emails and know-how ready to copy & paste for next time.

12% Conversion Rate

“Once I transitioned into the group coaching space, I really struggled with live launching. It took up a LOT of my energy and I felt like I was spending a whole lot of time on socials, and showing up live, and I felt like that never translated into the sales I was expecting. I was also usually so burnt out that it would take a full week before I was able to show up for my paying clients.

It was honestly a mess and I couldn’t see how I was going to continue on this path.
Then I met Yael and had the pleasure of working with her to build out my launch utilising the power of EMAIL!
What a game changer!
Firstly I started attracting far more qualified leads and was able to nurture them via email so they were already aware of how I could help them. I now get people engaging and responding to automated emails and sending messages saying “I’m so lit up by your emails” (and I haven’t shown up for them live at all)
Secondly, the emails that I use for launching came directly from Yael’s swipe files and I continue to simply rinse and repeat because they are still working! I even started a second business, followed the exact same launching strategy using the exact same email swipes and closed cart with a whooping 12% conversion rate!! Crazy!
If you are looking for clarity, clear steps and a launching strategy that will work for you (regardless of your niche) then I highly recommend Yael to show you exactly how to navigate launching in a way that allows you to show up without burning you out.
Thank you Yael! I no longer dread launching and really enjoy open cart periods!

Brinie Scheen

Kids Party Hustle

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