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Let’s get your email marketing software actually working for you so everyone on  your list is getting the right emails at the right time. AKA tailored email experiences.



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Let’s get your software sorted

Are you nervous every time you hit send because you aren’t sure if the right people are getting your emails?

Do you wish you could tailor specific campaigns or automations to smaller groups like leads, customers, clients or categories?

Do you want more engagement, personalisation and customisation for your subscribers?

Do you want your integrations and automations setup so that from now on all your subscribers are put into the correct lists, segments & tags? Without manual intervention…

Or is your system such a hot mess that you don’t even know where to start?

Don’t worry –  we’ll sort that all out for you in a single sitting!

 Provided for ActiveCampaign, Klaviyo, MailerLite or ConvertKit.


The Quick Fix – 4 hour 1:1 Intensive with Yael

Investment – $1250

Yael can work wonders for your software in just a few hours!

During this session we’ll map out exactly what your dream structure will look like, then we’ll assess where your software is now and finally Yael will set it all up so your software is streamlined and working for you.

Once we are done, you’ll be completely confident when you send an email that the right people are getting it. Now and in months time.

After our session, you’ll receive a video walkthrough of your software and a document outlining your software structure (aka automations & segments). Plus 1 months email support.

What we can do together…

Review your account setup for best practice

Including branding, UTM tracking, deliverability and benchmarks.

Check and setup integrations with third party software (e.g. website, store, cart and booking software)

Clean your list of unengaged subscribers

Re-organise your lists, segments and tags

Add automations so future subscribers are routed to the correct lists, segments or tags

Fix your automations or add new ones

Content planning

Setup virtually any if then, then that scenario

how it works

you book & send through details

 Before our session we’ll need you to complete a brief form to gather all your details and your biggest priorities for the day. You’ll also need to add us as a user to your email marketing software. 


We’ll hop on a Zoom call and get cracking! 

First we’ll begin by mapping out your ideal setup using my signature email experiences framework. Then we’ll look at what your current setup looks like.

Finally,  Yael will get to work on fixing it all up – setting up your new structure AND moving existing subscribers to all the right places.

For this second half of the day you can choose to remain on the call and cowork OR you can leave Yael to work her magic.



You use

After just one day you’ll have that sense of relief and confidence that you are sending the right emails to the right people at the right time.

Plus have automations setup so that all future subscribers end up in the right places.

We’ll provide a full video walkthrough and instructions on sending your campaigns / editing your workflows so you can be confident you won’t “break” anything.

Plus you’ll have access to our exclusive email software tutorial library and 1 months email support.


Select from one of the below:

Klaviyo for Ecommerce

ActiveCampaign Setup



“Ridgy Didge Resources sells teaching resources to Australian teachers. I service a wide variety of clients from Prep through to Grade 6. When I approached Yael I already had an email sequence set up but I wanted to be nurturing my clients better.

My emails weren’t bad, but they weren’t targeting the specific needs of my clients (whose needs and interests were quite varied depending on the grade they taught). Setting up emails and ongoing strategies that targeted the variety of clients I work with to meet their specific needs, has been a huge game changer for me.

Engagement has increased and as a result, sales have increased also because I am ‘feeding’ my clients what they are after.”

Melissa Bagnall

Ridgy Didge Resources

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